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6 Remote Work Tips from Our Digital Nomad Communications Consultant

We’ve seen major reframes of how we work and live in the past few years, and I’m here for it.

When the pandemic hit, I was working FT on a nonprofit marketing team – and, of course, we started working remotely. While it was difficult to see and experience struggles around me, I was grateful for the newfound freedom to work where it felt most aligned with my creativity and energy. So, when it was time to return to the office, I opted like many others to forge my own path. 🥾

Thankfully, I had already established remote consulting work with Think BIG Consulting and several other clients, and in June 2021 I bought and converted a van to travel in with my partner.

Now, I can proudly say that I have been able to excel in my career while calling the mountains my home. I’m currently on my first trip ever abroad, spending two months in Italy to soak up the culture, nature, and time with family that lives here. And, let’s be real, I’m savoring lots of incredible wine and coffee along the way! 🍷

I’ve learned so much over this time and want to share my tips so that others can successfully support nonprofits and themselves while working in their dream location. You can follow along my journey through TikTok, and I welcome any remote work questions or ideas for my next destination!

1. Dream Big

To think and dream big means to know that you are the source of all possibilities. While I know it sounds cliche to say, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” I really have seen the major shifts in my life happen when I adopted this mindset.

We all have different life situations, but with intentional planning and goal setting, I’ve seen many manifest new ways of being and co-creating in the past few years. What kind of community do you want? And, how do you really want to spend your days? Use these questions as journal prompts and see what comes up!

While I love the creativity and fulfillment my work as a communications consultant brings me, I’ve realized that I’d prefer to spend the majority of my days pursuing passions in art and nature. And, as I’ve cultivated this lifestyle, my work has flourished because I’m in a much more joyful and grateful state.

2. Plan Ahead

I prioritize work that doesn’t require me to be on too many phone calls or meetings, making it much easier to be across the world and still maintain social media content calendars and client relationships. But, I know many digital nomads find it ideal to adjust their schedules to work evenings or early mornings.

Since I plan out social media content for Think BIG clients Sechler Morgan CPAs and the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) a month ahead, I’m able to carve out time away knowing that posts are approved and scheduled. And, I’m able to take on ad hoc requests like press releases and blogs as it works for my schedule.

I prefer to batch content and work harder for a week so that the next week I can be exploring!

3. Become a Valued Part of the Community

I’m always learning how to be a better Earthling, storyteller, and traveler. Resources liked Rooted have helped me continuously improve my mark on the world. Their platform is more focused on those in the tourism industry, but I think these tips for climate-positive travel are great for anyone.

“When preparing itineraries, default to using locally owned accommodations and businesses. When booking transportation, suggest ground-based options instead of flights; if flights are the only ones, specifically seek out and present non-stop options.”

I’ve enjoyed staying at agrotourismos across Italy to learn about sustainable lifestyles and get to know the locals. I’m also a member of websites like Workaway and Trusted Housesitters, giving me opportunities to further learn, support the community, and save money.

4. Invest in Yourself

If you work for a remote-first company, it may be easier to get WFH perks like an office setup or tech needs. But, as a consultant you have to decide what tools and environment you need to succeed.

For international travel, I invested in a phone plan that would enable me to connect to a hot spot wherever I am. Although this was an extra $100 a month through my carrier, I’ve seen the value for my work and ability to navigate easily.

5. Schedule Check-Ins and Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Of course you should regularly check in with your clients on timelines and goals, but how often are you checking in with yourself?

Add these lil’ personal business meetings on your calendar to do financial planning, scope forecasting, and dream up new ventures. I’d recommend this at least quarterly.

Also, if you are able to, please don’t take on work with clients that are already giving red flags. I’ve learned this the hard way and trust’s not worth the headache. 🚩🚩🚩

There are so many teams (like Think BIG - shoutout!) that will value your time and talent, so don’t sell yourself short.

6. Share your learnings, too!

You don’t have to be an influencer or blogger to share your journey. Your friends and family are watching, and you could be the one that inspires someone to make the leap into designing a career that brings joy and ease into their lives.

I certainly hope my story will inspire you or at least bring about some ideas for styling your remote work lifestyle.

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