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Doing the Work to Ensure Your Nonprofit's Messaging Resonates with All Audiences

Doing the work to ensure your nonprofit's messaging resonates with all audiences is never truly

over. Sure, your nonprofit may serve a specific group, but inclusive marketing is vital to reach your full community. We need to be continually encouraging discussions on the impact of (Diversity,

Equity, and Inclusion) DEI commitment statements. Not just posting it on our websites and

hoping it’s enough.

Are your social media posts elevating diverse voices? Has your team considered the

representation in photography shared? Is the team reviewing marketing material diverse?

Let’s evaluate these important areas more, and reach out to us if you’re in need of a marketing

team that is always ~doing the work~

Ideas on How to Diversify Your Content

According to a recent Sprout Social survey, 66 percent of respondents said they were more

likely to buy from brands showcasing people of diverse races, gender identities, ages and more.

Clearly many of us desire a world that is more inclusive and equitable. That’s why we started

working in the nonprofit sector! But, we’ve seen a pattern in the nonprofit marketing world where

budgets are strapped and the entire marketing strategy and execution can rest on one or two

people’s shoulders.

Many marketing managers are balancing newsletters, board communications, website updates,

social media, and probably a whole additional laundry list. So, even with the best intentions,

they just may not have the capacity to create a plan and evaluate content all on their own.

Consider these tips for supporting your creative teams:

  • Create a DEI communications committee specifically focused on the language and photography your organization shares. Ideally this would branch off of an existing DEI committee in your organization.

  • Use user-generated content. Tap into your community’s stories. It creates much more interesting content and engages people that may have never heard of your organization’s work.

  • Prioritize continuous education. Send your marketing team and/or DEI communications committee to workshops, and make sure everyone in the nonprofit gleans the insights through lunch and learns or other shared learning methods.

  • Do your homework. This social justice glossary is just one example of the work required to understand the big issues in our world.

Inclusive Writing Tips

We love this line from a Charity Digital blog:

Flip the script that says: “First write the job advert, then check if it’s inclusive” or “first create the report, then consider whether it’s accessible”.

Inclusive writing is just better writing, and as we train our team to write with inclusivity first, it

also saves so much of our precious resources.

A great way to support your marketing and communications team is to start compiling what

inclusive language looks like for your organization, and what it doesn’t. This should be

incorporated into your brand guide, and shared with any new team members or freelancers that

join on.

Examples include:

  • Use person-first communication. For instance, the switch from “homeless person” to person experiencing homelessness

  • Consider which holidays you’re prioritizing. It may be better to say happy holidays vs. singling out a specific holiday in the season.

  • Ask for community feedback. And listen!

We see many nonprofits doing the work, and would like to specifically shout out Philanthropy Together for their inclusive marketing and mission. We’ve had the opportunity to consult on their social media strategy, and have loved watching their work and community grow in such an inclusive way!

Another shout out goes to our client, Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence, whose Annual Conference planning team includes both a Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Committee, and an Indigenous Committee. These committee members weigh in on conference workshop topics and more, ensuring that a diversity of perspectives are reflected. Bravo!

We could write an entire blog series on this topic, so let us know if you want more information on

inclusive marketing and how to implement it in your communications.

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